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Our Service

Traffic Engineering is our passion.  We draw from our fundamentals in traffic engineering and unique specialties to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Ted Tech Provide comprehensive professional traffic planning and engineering design services  to Developers, Architects, Consultants and Government Authorities

 Site Appraisal:

  •  Means of access
  •  Visibility splays and calculations
  •  Accessibility
  •  Feasibility studies


Transport Assessment:

  •  Tailored reports to suit all scales of development and all transportation issues
  • Authority Approval


Highway design and engineering:

  •  Detail design
  •  Cost estimates
  •  Technical approval
  •  Project management
  •  Drainage design


Layout advice and assessment:

  •  AutoTRACK analysis
  •  Parking standards
  •  Parking capacity calculations


Junction modelling and design:

  •  Revisions and improvements to existing junctions
  •  Design of new junctions
  •  Capacity testing with industry standard software


Planning :

  • Master planning support